Our Solutions

Making worksite's smarter and safer.

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We are currently at the center of enlarging the set of information, services, devices and people that are dynamically interconnected. The working hours, idle time, safety of workers are being harmonized into an Interface that rewrites the traditional definition of being connected.

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We add Long range, low power outdoor connectivity, Outdoor location precision, typically via GPS to transmit accurate data in real time interface.

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Inventory management

Cloud-based inventory systems are able to track in real-time at item level for product status, origin or location - automatically. Now all your products can tell you where they are, how they got there and what condition they're in.

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Worker Management

We give more attention to employee safety so they can strategically plan asset pathways to prevent accidents and decrease potential employee safety risks, sensing and alerting to the higher authority in real-time.

Enlightenment to Our products.


Our products are the paradigm of cutting-edge technology meeting the requirements of those industries which are concerned for their worker safety and productivity. Realizing the duty, we’ve ensured improved safety, more visibility and increased productivity through our products. At Alluvium IOT solutions, our forte lies in closely researching on the safety-aspect of different industries and delivering world-class geolocation solutions that ease out the daunting task of capturing safety & productivity together. Because employees are at the heart of every industry, ensuring their safety is adding eminence to the industry as a whole, and we have got you covered.